Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.

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All Time Low- Stay Awake (acoustic)

My dash needed this.

For everyone who’s stressed or dealing with shit- listen to this song. You can get away from the weight of the world, you’ll be fine, and everything will be okay.


this song honest to God saved my life.

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White feminists get *very* upset and even sometimes Transphobic when someone dares to acknowledge their privilege.

Lol “particularly the T”, please.

Hey cis white feminists, y’all want to know why it seems like trans voices are being elevated? Because y’all were ousting and silencing, and actively oppressing us for DECADES.

The reason women of color are being elevated is because you have been talking for and over, silencing, and actively oppressing them for CENTURIES.

Y’all need to get over the fact that another boring cis white woman calling herself a feminist isn’t revolutionary.

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You see, there is a gang of insomniacs, there is a sort of solidarity, right, like people who have the same illness. We understand each other right away, because we know that drama. The drama of insomnia is this: it’s that time doesn’t pass. You’re stretched out in the middle of the night and you are no longer in time. You’re not in eternity either. The time passes so slowly that it becomes agonizing. All of us, being alive, are drawn along by time because we are in time. When you lie awake like that, you are outside of time. So, time passes outside of you, you can’t catch up with it.

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WE’RE EVERYWHERE! #Colombia #represent #WallStreet #grupoaval #congrats #aval #werehere



Relative Magnitudes; ‘Geographicus Burritt’ (Huntington Chart of the Solar System), 1856.

I love me a good vintage infographic.

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